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We are made to know
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Madeleine McCann                                        Watch the You Tube video
Original post date 8-2-08

Madeleine McCann from Leicestershire, England went missing May 3, 2007. While vacationing with her parents in a resort in Praia da Luz, Portugal,  she disappeared from their room as her parents dined at a nearby restaurant within the complex. Her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, notified police she had been abducted.


On September 7, 2007 Kate McCann is given “arguido” status by the Portugal police. This is known as someone who has become a formal suspect in Portugal. On September 8, 2007 Gerry McCann is given “arguido” status, or formal suspect. The Portuguese authorities made them arguidos with the belief that they had something to do with their daughter's disappearance. They have maintained their innocence.


July 21, 2008 " ... the investigation into the disappearance of the minor Madeleine McCann has been halted because no evidence was discovered of any crime committed by the suspects," the Attorney-General Fernando Pinto Monteiro's office said in a statement. It added the investigation could be reopened "if new evidence emerges from any serious, pertinent and authoritative" source.




It would appear by the MCCann's own words that Madeleine may have been accidentally killed by Kate, and Madeleine's body was disposed of by Gerry.



Sky News 5-6-07


Click on the reversal to hear the mp3.


Gerry McCann:

We are pleased that the family liaison officers from Leicestershire are now working closely with the Portuguese police and are keeping us informed.

I should tell more of this.


We have no further information regarding the investigation...

I've been ashamed, was never the fool by you.



Sky News 5-6-07


Kate McCann:

I couldn't ask for more. I just want to say thank you.

Yes I messed it up. Won't surrender.


Gerry McCann:

The thing we are going to take from this is strength, and courage, and hope, and we continue to hope for the best possible outcome from this for us.

We are so upset with all this.



Unknown Credit 5-07


Kate McCann:

We would like to say a few words.

Slay with fists, Madeleine.


To the person who is with Madeleine, or has been with Madeline. Madeleine is a beautiful bright, funny, and caring little girl.

It was unbelievable.


Por favor {continues in Portuguese}...

Someday I want this all over.



Sky News 6-12-07


Kate McCann:

The work that we have been doing over the lasts few weeks has certainly helped Gerry. It's helped us both and that has kept us focused and...

Isn't it sick we're (the) suspects?


... you know not dwelling on Madeleine herself so much.

Only swat her.


Gerry McCann:

We never ever wanted this to be a long term campaign...

My wife has said there's no other avenue.


...What we hoped was that by taking positive action it would speed things up. That hasn't happened. There are some contingency plans, but um you know I think we are looking at event driven...

Never. Never. And they still don't. So it's alright. Messed up.


...things to keep the profile up and....

Not while I afford to beat this.


Kate McCann:

Certainly no evidence to the contrary. I mean you said before obviously we've considered all scenarios...

Maybe you're shocked if this isn't the one we loose.


...but I think the fact that it was nothing to suggest otherwise. Then gives us great hope really. Um it's important we cling to that as well.

You won't understand why we leave her here.



BBC 2007


Kate McCann:

(Question: …Did you as a mother Kate, sometimes think I’ve got to go out there to be with them, I want to go and just physically look as well?)

I mean I did. I mean we've been working really hard really apart from the first 48 hours as Gerry said are incredibly difficult...

That search is a lie. So observe them all, it is lie.


 ...but after that you get strength from somewhere. We've certainly have had loads of support and that's given us strength and it's been able to make us focus really so we have actually in our own way it might not be physically searching but we've been working really hard and doing absolutely everything we can really to get Madeleine back.

Maybe we should calm these people.



BBC - World Service 6-22-07


Gerry McCann:

The important thing at this time is that we don't have Madeleine. And that's the only result that will clearly make Kate and I happy, and the rest of the family.

My honesty scandalous.


(Question: How do you think Madeleine herself would be coping?)

You know that's somewhere where we can't really go...

He remembers that night. {Reversals are known to occur in the third person.}


We've absolutely no idea who's taken her. And where she is, and what sort of surroundings she's in...

She's near a trestle. {Trestle: A framework consisting of vertical, slanted supports and horizontal crosspieces supporting a bridge.}


We've had tremendous support from the local community particularly through the church here. Which really left it as, particularly those very few first days where it was not, you know it was just awful really.

Now we look forward to survive.


The phase of the campaign now is very different to that which we have undertaken in the last few weeks with Kate and I. Traveling to different areas um either to raise awareness in countries in close proximity to Portugal...

If the mess could talk, message that would stand out her hair is bloody.


The campaign really started with electronic media. And my sister Phil took the first campaign type action. And that was to start a chain email.

I just go on the air.


There is no evidence to date that Madeleine has been harmed physically. And that means that we will always have hope. And the hope is what drives us on our determination to be reunited with our daughter.

Leave this machine. The rest is going to know this fiasco.


There'll be a card with Madeleine's image and the details of the numbers to call if anyone has information.

Someone did for us.



BBC - Radio 4 Woman's Hour 8-8-07


Kate McCann:

Obviously I can't talk too much about the investigation.

The option was lost in our case.


We're just trying to get through one day at a time. To be honest Jenny.

Annoyed this master has no respect. {Master; would be the one in charge. In this case it could be the interviewer.}


...speculation is upsetting and it doesn't help us.

This house wasn't cheerly kept. {House; may be a metaphor for the thoughts in her mind.}


... and Madeleine wouldn't have walked out on her own. I know that.

Are there not flaws to our involvement?


(Question: We've read repeatedly that you and you are someone who really does hate being in the public eye, you're a very private sort of person. Why then did you and your husband launch such a high profile publicity campaign after Madeleine disappeared?)

I mean what you said about me Jenny is absolutely true...

I seen as involved with this.


We've just done what we felt was the right thing to do, and that was to publicize Madeleine's disappearance.

I'm that wears this myth.


(Question: How much do you worry, as some people have suggested, that it may be counter productive, that it could motivate her abductors to hide her away?)

I mean we always knew that was a slight risk of that...

I'll fix the rest of it.


We couldn't sit and do nothing. And we honestly felt this is the best thing to do.

Isn't this sad, this isn't life I used to know.


We've got strengths and weaknesses and you know we reach different points at different times I guess. But we're managing to keep together, and pull each other through when we need to.

But we're still the shield of murder.



Sky News 8-10-07


Kate McCann:

I mean the main thing for us is knowing if the sighting is credible, or not really. To be honest we don't go through the...

Are these trick motives to lives?


...Um emotional rollercoaster with regards to the sightings.

We take a little shame in that.


(Question: Is that something that you’d done on other nights {leave the children alone}? Is something you were getting the feel other holiday makers were doing?)

...I've had so many supportive letters from families from other mothers. And they've said Kate you know we've done that, we do that, you know who would of ever thought that something as horrible as that would happen?

The others knew on the trip.



Sky News 8-25-07


Gerry McCann:

(Question: …but that hasn’t been the case in some sections of the Portuguese media they’re writing the most terrible things about you. Why?)

Well that's a difficult question um I think that are uh I there's a law of speculation, innuendo, there's clearly some absolute outright smears...

I try to get some money.



Sky News 10-24-07


Kate McCann:

If people know something. If they can just, I guess search the heart really.

He leave on her dress.


And they, they do ask about Madeleine.

I wish they didn't know her.


You know we know the truth.

They find no body.


We're innocent. We're totally innocent.

They surely arrest us.


Gerry McCann:

Four months since Madeleine disappeared. And nothing, nothing that's happened to us in this time has come close to upsetting us they way felt when we discovered Madeleine missing.

I send example of that's the decision what I feel.


Kate McCann:

(Reporter: On Allegations the couple had sedated their children the night Madeleine disappeared, Kate McCann refused to be drawn.)

You know I'm not even going to...

And they giving our money.


...answer that question I'm afraid.

Steer from all this trouble.


 Gerry McCann:

...and we shouldn't be giving them the time of day.

It's the last time I'm going to make it an issue.


There is absolutely no suggestion...

Initiate the suing mill.


...that Madeleine or the children were drugged.

Outcome was worse.


Kate McCann:

I feel, as Madeleine's mommy I feel, in my heart really that she's there and I don't, I don't believe Madeleine has been taken away from us permanently.

Was not us. He shouted it wrong.



Sky News 12-21-07


Kate McCann:

I'd also liked to thank our friends in Portugal. Who have stayed with us...

Sort out the answer


 ... and continue to support us, since those very early desperate and vulnerable days.

Deny your obsessions.


Continued: Click Here 

 Kate and Gerry McCann
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